Be Ready. Be Set. B Sharp!

  • Learn how to COMMAND the stage.

  • Gain more CONFIDENCE as a singer, eliminating the discomfort of being on stage and performing in front of people.

  • Learn how to CONNECT with a song and with your audience.

  • Learn to CONVEY the heart of a song through storytelling.

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What People Say...


Dillon Stoneburner, Singer & Dancer

Working with Bree Shannon helped me grow and expand as a performer. Her knowledge and experience of performing is immense and her execution is always spot on. Bree would always support me and helped me gain the confidence in my singing and performing. I credit her to helping me discover my vocal stylings as an artist and working with her was truly a blessing. In the entertainment field it's hard to find someone as caring and passionate about her talent, as well as those around her.


Aretha Shallow, Singer

Without a doubt Bree is not only a great performer but genuinely a sweet human being. I actually heard great things about her before meeting her (everyone knew of Bree) When I had to take over from her in Dec 2015, it was super easy because she exudes a calm aura. She gave me pointers on different ways of executing the songs as well. I never got frustrated, it was a comfortable experience!

Ross Frontz, Singer

Looking back on my career as a performer I’ve been lucky to work with and be inspired by many amazing individuals. One that stands out amongst the rest is none other than Bree Shannon. Not only is she incredible to watch on stage but she also pushed me to better my own performance. She had an amazing way of not only teaching me but also motivating me. I hope that I’m lucky enough to work with Bree again in the future.